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Quartz Countertops New Jersey: A Perfect Blend of Beauty and Durability

When it comes to designing your dream kitchen or bathroom, choosing the right countertops is crucial. Not only do countertops play a functional role, but they also add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. One popular choice among homeowners in New Jersey is quartz countertops. With its unique blend of beauty and durability, it‘s no wonder why quartz has become a top contender in the countertop world. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at quartz countertops in New Jersey and why you should consider them for your next home renovation project.

The Benefits of Choosing Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a natural mineral that is mined from the earth in various locations worldwide. It is then crushed and combined with resins and polymers to create a sturdy and durable material that is ideal for countertops. This mixture gives quartz countertops their unique look and feel, making them a popular choice for homeowners looking for an elegant and long-lasting option. Here are some of the benefits of choosing quartz countertops in New Jersey:

Scratch and stain-resistant: Quartz countertops are highly resistant to scratches and stains, making them perfect for hightraffic areas like kitchens.

Heat resistant: Unlike natural stone countertops, quartz can withstand high heat without getting damaged or discolored.

Non-porous: The combination of quartz and resin creates a non-porous surface, which means it won‘t absorb liquids or bacteria, making it a hygienic option for kitchens and bathrooms.

Low maintenance: Quartz countertops are effortless to maintain. A simple wipe with a mild detergent and water is all it takes to keep them looking like new.

Wide range of styles and colors: With advancements in technology, quartz can now be engineered to mimic the look of natural stone, including marble and granite. This allows for a wide selection of styles and colors to match any home decor.

Long-lasting: Due to its durability, quartz countertops are known to last for decades with proper care, making them a smart investment for your home.

Quartz Countertops
Quartz Countertops

Finding Quartz Countertops Near Me

Now that you know the benefits of quartz countertops, the next step is to find a reliable and reputable supplier. If you‘re in New Jersey, look no further than Empire Granite. We have been providing top-quality quartz, marble, and granite countertops to homeowners throughout the state for over 15 years. Our experience and expertise in the industry have helped us develop a strong reputation for delivering exceptional products and customer service.

How Empire Granite Can Help

At Empire Granite, we are committed to providing our clients with the best quartz countertops in New Jersey. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your needs and bring your vision to life. We offer a variety of services, including custom fabrication, prompt installation, and high-quality materials sourced from trusted suppliers.

Variety of Styles and Colors

No matter what your personal style or home decor may be, we have a quartz countertop that will complement it perfectly. Our selection includes a range of colors and patterns, from classic white and black to bolder hues, such as blue and red. We also offer various finishes, such as polished, honed, and leathered, to suit your preferences.

Durability and Longevity

One of the major selling points of quartz countertops is its durability. Unlike other natural stone countertops, quartz is non-porous, making it resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. It is also known for its high resistance to chipping and cracking, ensuring your countertops remain looking as good as new for years to come.

Easy Maintenance

Nobody wants to spend hours cleaning and maintaining their countertops. With quartz, you won‘t have to. Its non-porous surface means that it won‘t absorb liquids and bacteria, making it extremely easy to clean and maintain. This also makes it a great option for families with young children or those who love to cook in their kitchens frequently.

Versatility in Design

Another advantage of quartz countertops is the ability to customize them to suit your design preference. At Empire Granite, we can cut and shape the quartz slabs to fit any countertop layout, including curved edges and unique shapes. This gives you the freedom to create a truly one-of-a-kind countertop for your home.

Eco-Friendly Option

Choosing quartz as your countertop material also has environmental benefits. As it is engineered, it uses less natural resources compared to other natural stone materials. In addition, because of its durability, you won‘t have to replace your countertops as frequently, reducing waste and helping to protect the environment.

Cost of Quartz Countertops

One of the most common misconceptions about quartz countertops is that they are expensive. While they may have a higher initial cost compared to other materials, the longevity and low maintenance of quartz make it a cost-effective option in the long run. Plus, with its wide range of styles and colors, you can find a quartz countertop that fits your budget and adds value to your home.

Installation Process

At Empire Granite, we understand that installing new countertops can be a long and tedious process. That‘s why we strive to make it as stress-free as possible for our clients. Our team of professionals will handle the entire installation process, from templating and fabrication to delivery and installation. With our expertise and attention to detail, we guarantee a seamless and efficient installation of your new quartz countertops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How durable are quartz countertops? A: Quartz is known for its durability and is highly resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. With proper care, it can last for decades.

Q: Can you cut directly on quartz countertops? A: It is not recommended to cut directly on quartz countertops as it can dull or damage your knives. It is best to use a cutting board.

Q: Can quartz countertops be repaired if they get damaged? A: In most cases, quartz countertops can be repaired if they get damaged. However, it‘s always best to consult a professional in case of any damages.


Why Empire Granite is the Best Choice for New Jersey Quartz Countertops when it comes to finding the perfect quartz countertops in New Jersey, Empire Granite has got you covered. With our wide selection of styles and colors, expert installation, and exceptional customer service, we are the top choice for high-quality and luxurious quartz countertops. Ready to elevate your home with stunning quartz countertops? Visit our website at www.empire-granite.com


How our Process Works

Choose Your Material

Pick from our large selection of marble, granite, and quartz slabs right here in our local showroom, easily accessible from Dayton, NJ.

Create Your Template

Next, we’ll arrive at your home to take measurements to ensure your stone slabs are precisely fabricated. You get you your own custom template.

Determine the Layout

Once our professionals have your custom template, we’ll find the perfect layout to ensure a seamless look for your space.

Delivery to Fabrication

After receiving your material option, template design, and layout, we’ll get to work cutting and processing your slab.

The Installation

Our professionals will deliver your newly fabricated slabs quickly, right to your Dayton, NJ home, so it can be installed by our craftsman efficiently.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely! We are pleased to offer a complimentary initial consultation to all our clients. We believe in understanding your project goals, exploring design possibilities, and offering expert advice to ensure we create the perfect countertops for your space. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, taking the time to listen to your needs and provide personalized recommendations. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and exceeding your expectations. Schedule your free consultation today and let us help you bring your countertop vision to life!

Yes! We encourage you to visit our showroom to explore our extensive range of countertop materials, colors, and finishes. Our knowledgeable team will be there to assist you in selecting the perfect countertops for your project. Contact us to schedule a showroom visit at your convenience.

Yes, granite countertops are highly resistant to stains when properly sealed. We use industry-leading sealing techniques to ensure that your countertops maintain their beauty and are easy to clean.

The installation timeline can vary depending on the scope of the project. However, in most cases, our skilled installation team can complete the process within a few days. We strive to minimize any disruption to your daily routine while ensuring exceptional quality.

 Quartz countertops are engineered using a combination of crushed quartz, pigments, and resin, making them highly durable, versatile, and low-maintenance. On the other hand, quartzite countertops are natural stone slabs that have been formed through the combination of heat and pressure. Quartzite provides a unique and luxurious look with excellent durability.


Our Client Review's Testimonial

Tariq Sarfaraz
Tariq Sarfaraz
Empire Marble & Granite was recommended to us by a family member and we are very happy that we chose them for our kitchen countertops. We are extremely satisfied with the craftsmanship, customer service, and overall experience with them. From the beginning to the end, Ramzi was very professional, honest, and accommodating even with his busy schedule, and delivered the countertop on the promised date. Not to mention, the quality of the countertops is top-notch. Ramzi’s staff who came for installation were also very seasoned craftsmen. I highly recommend them and have already shared their contact information with many of my friends and family members. Thank you Empire Granite team!!
Rich Tanzone
Rich Tanzone
We researched many different granite places, and once we visited Empire and met with Ramzi, our decision was easy. From the beginning of the process to the installation, even the post installation questions, top notch! They go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Would highly recommend these guys.
Ryan Golhar
Ryan Golhar
Countertops done in two days. Amazing. And the price was competitive
Ray Han
Ray Han
Excellent customer service
Nabeel Chaudhri
Nabeel Chaudhri
These guys are amazing, I had them install 2 larger counter tops, their prices are very reasonable, service is excellent and they are a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended
Meryl Cherian
Meryl Cherian
Very professional and did a fabulous job on installing the counter top and backsplash. Work was done as per schedule and great job. I would recommend working with the team.
Very happy to have found and worked with Empire Marble and Granite in Dayton, New Jersey. They set very high standard starting from estimation, selection process to execution and completion. Very professional and fast. I called them on a Wednesday, by Monday our new countertop for Bar was installed, within 6 days. Very pleasant and polite people to work with. 100% recommend to all friends and family. -Florence
Shahenaaz Syed
Shahenaaz Syed
Subhanallah! Alhamdulillah And Jazakallah khair to the whole team!! They did really good job with replacement of our kitchen stone!! Was really happy with the installation services, quick delivery, unbelievable measurements perfection. ' Special thanks Br to deliver it a day before!!! Installation team alhamdulillah may allah reward them as well. Thanks, ShahenaazSarfraz

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